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Acconeer AB (publ) develops radar sensing solutions worldwide. The company provides A121 radar sensor that detects distance, speed, motion, and objects up to 20 meters away; A111 radar sensor for detecting distance, speed, motion, and objects up to 12 meters away; XM123 presence & motion module for the use cases people, presence, and motion detection only; XM124 radar module a coherent radar with integrated baseband, and front-end and antenna; XM122 radar and XM126 radar module, including an onboard antenna for effortless integration; and XM125 radar module. It also offers XE121, an evaluation kit for the A121 radar sensor; XE125, evaluation kit for the XM125 radar module; X112, an evaluation kit for the A111 radar sensor to be used with a Raspberry Pi; XE124, evaluation kit for the XM124 radar module. Acconeer AB (publ) has a collaboration agreement with Alps Alpine Co., Ltd. to provide the automotive industry with radar sensors for a range of use cases. The company’s products are used in used in robot, consumer electronics, IoT, smart cities, industrial and agriculture, healthcare and fitness, and automotive applications. Acconeer AB (publ) was incorporated in 2011 and is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden.



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