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Artificial Solutions International AB (publ) provides conversational artificial intelligence (CAI) platform that allows people to communicate with applications, websites, and devices in everyday humanlike natural language through voice, text, touch, or gesture input worldwide. It offers OpenQuestion, an IVR SaaS solution to design, develop, connect, maintain, and run digital conversations with customers, employees, and partners; and, a SaaS platform which automates customer interaction, scales support capabilities, and cost control. The company also provides Teneo Studio, which offers language understanding support including machine translation, Teneo linguistic modeling language, and Teneo language resources for desktop IDE and lightweight browser client. In addition, it offers Teneo Engine, an API calls generation platform; and Teneo Data, an analytics platform to review users conversations and enhance the conversational AI solutions. The company operates in Europe, the United States, and internationally. Artificial Solutions International AB (publ) was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.



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