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Episurf Medical AB (publ), a medical device company, designs and manufactures implants and surgical instruments in Germany, Sweden, rest of Europe, the United States, and internationally. It offers Episealer Knee for repairing focal cartilage and bone defects to reduce pain and increase mobility in the patient’s knee joint; Episealer implant, which is designed to fit anatomy and size of the lesion; Episealer toolkit; and Episealer Patellofemoral System, a system to treat osteoarthritis limited to the patellofemoral part of the knee joint. The company also provides Episealer Talus, a solution for the treatment of bone and cartilage defects in the talus bone of the ankle joint; Epioscopy to identify and visualize femoral knee joint cartilage and bone lesions, and tibia, as well as defects on the cruciate ligaments and menisci; Epiguide, a surgical drill guide; and µiFidelity, a web platform for order management, communication, personalized design, and surgical pre-planning. In addition, it is developing Episealer MTP implant, an implant for the MTP joint of the big toe in the foot. Further, the company offers Talus Osteotomy Guide (TOG) that is designed to fit on the patient’s distal tibia using CT and MRI images; MRI protocol to ensure correct damage assessment, 3D visualization, and device design; and Damage Marking Report (DMR) that enables 3D visualization of damage in the joint surface and underlaying bone defects, as well as other findings relevant when selecting the right treatment for the patient. The company was formerly known as Diamorph Medtech AB and changed its name to Episurf Medical AB (publ) in 2010. Episurf Medical AB (publ) was incorporated in 2008 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.



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