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Initiator Pharma A/S, a clinical stage life science company, develops drugs targeting unmet medical needs within the central and peripheral nervous system. Its product pipeline includes IPED2015, a drug candidate which is in clinical phase 2a for the treatment of organic erectile dysfunction; IP2018, a monoamine reuptake inhibitor completed Phase IIa for the treatment of psychogenic erectile dysfunction primarily targeting the serotonin followed by the dopamine system; and IPTN2021, a Phase 1 clinical drug program targeting an orphan drug indication in severe neuropathic pain, and trigeminal neuralgia. The company also developing IP2017, a proprietary triple reuptake inhibitor; and IP2016, a preclinical development for the treatment of depression. Initiator Pharma A/S was incorporated in 2016 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.



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