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OrganoClick AB (publ), a green chemical company, develops, manufactures, and sells biobased chemical products for the treatment of technical textile, nonwoven, and wood in Sweden, Other Nordics, The Rest of Europe, Asia, and North America. The company offers OrganoWood, a wood preservative technology and wood preservative that gives wood enhanced durability against rot and fire; OrganoTex, a biodegradable durable water repellent technology and textile treatment that makes textile products water repellent, as well as offers shoe and clothes care products; and OrganoComp, a biobased plastic-free and degradable bio-composite used for making 3D-shaped objects that replaces hard plastic materials, such as polypropylene by industrial customers to replace fossil materials and reduce material consumption. It also provides consumer products, including a range of maintenance and cleaning products for wood, facades, roofs, and terraces, as well as for car care under the BIOkleen name; OC-BioBinder, a biobased, plastic-free, and degradable binder used by industrial customers as a replacement for plastic binders in nonwoven and technical textiles; and OC-AquaSil Tex, a biodegradable hydrophobing product used to replace PFAS in nonwovens, specialty papers, and technical textiles that provides effective water repellency without the use of persistent and toxic substances. OrganoClick AB (publ) was incorporated in 2006 and is headquartered in Täby, Sweden.



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