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Projektengagemang Sweden AB (publ) operates as an architectural and technical consulting firm in Sweden. It offers architecture services, such as architecture for buildings, landscape architecture, city building, and interior architecture services; and building construction services, including geotechnics, project management, sustainability, or energy efficiency services. The company also provides electrical, telecommunications, and security services comprising inspection and control, electrical and power systems, smart buildings – building automation, lift and transport system, industrial automation, installation management, protection and security, and telecommunication system services. In addition, it offers environmental services, such as acoustics and vibrations; energy and indoor climate; polluted areas; climate calculation; measurement technology; permits and environmental investigation; environmental coordination; and water purification services. Further, the company provides project management and management services; plumbing design services; and other services, such as working environment; concrete investigation; BIM; fire protection and fire inspection; circularity and reuse; energy supply strategies; energy mapping; energy consultancy; climate risk analysis and climate adaptation; lighting design; land and outer VA; solar power system; telecommunication system permit; and visualization services. Projektengagemang Sweden AB (publ) was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.



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