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Stille AB manufactures and markets surgical instruments in Sweden and internationally. It offers supercut, eye, blepharoplasty, operating, vascular, tenotomy, and face-lift scissors; colon, gall duct, multi-purpose, tangential occlusion, peripheral vascular, anastomosis, and aortic anastomosis clamps; skin hooks, nerve hooks, retractors, rib spreaders, self-retaining retractors, trachea retractors, and nasal specula; dressing, diathermy, knot-holding, tissue, iris, dura, and vascular forceps; and C-arm tables for ERCP/abdominal fluoroscopy, neuro/spine, pain management, urology, and vascular applications. The company provides instrument repair, maintenance, and inspection services. The company was founded in 1841 and is headquartered in Torshälla, Sweden.



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