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Studsvik AB (publ) develops, sells, and delivers technical solutions across the nuclear and radioactive material lifecycle in Sweden, Germany, rest of Europe, Asia, North America, and internationally. It offers decommissioning and radiation protection services in the areas of radiation protection, engineering, decommissioning, dismantling, and decontamination; and fuel and materials technology services, such as fuel qualification, plant life management, international programs, final storage research, hot cell technology, and transport of irradiated materials, as well as isotopes for medical or industrial application. The company also provides CASMO5, a lattice physics code for modeling PWR and BWR fuel; HELIOS-2, a two-dimensional, generalized-geometry lattice physics transport code; SIMULATE5, a 3D, steady state, multi-group, nodal code for the analysis of PWRs and BWRs; SIMULATE-5K, a two-group nodal code for transient analysis of PWRs and BWRs; and CMSBuilder, a graphical fuel management and loading pattern design suite, as well as engineering services. In addition, it offers S3R that enables cycle-specific core modeling on the training simulator; GARDEL, a fuel supplier independent advanced live core monitoring application with built-in reactivity management tools; MARLA, an automated tool for helping operations staff plan a fuel shuffle, manage the spent fuel pool, and load dry casks; and SNF, which calculates isotopic concentrations, radiation source terms, and decay heat of spent light water reactor fuel. Further, the company provides problematic waste and radioactive metal treatment, and waste management services; and Studsvik Tech Park site, a cluster providing and facilitating advanced infrastructure and workshops for testing, research, and development. The company was formerly known as Studsvik Energiteknik AB and changed its name to Studsvik AB (publ) in 1987. Studsvik AB (publ) was founded in 1947 and is headquartered in Nyköping, Sweden.



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